Watch Again – Gradcracker/Experian Webinar

Gradcracker Summary:

In this webinar we get to know Experian, and how they’re much more than ‘just a credit score company’. From Data Analytics to Cyber Security there really are so many options at Experian. We also heard from four graduates about their experiences and the amazing training they’ve received so far.

This webinar was originally broadcast on Thursday, 5th November 2020
Hosted by
Guest speakers
Carla Power
Sophie Hare-Scott
Orianne Wightman
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner for Early Careers
Hayley Hill
Graduate Software Developer
Shamas Iqbal
Service Operations Graduate
Luke Billiald
Graduate Data Analyst
Georgie McCormick
Technology Graduate IT Administrator
Experian webinar highlights
"What you study is irrelevant!"
"What you study is irrelevant!"
Experian is looking for students and graduates from all STEM disciplines. Find out why, and exactly what they're looking for in potential candidates.
From online tests, to video interviews
From online tests, to video interviews
Luke, Graduate Data Analyst at Experian, applied through Gradcracker during the pandemic. Find out what the application process involved.
Applying in your home setting
Applying in your home setting
Recruiters at Experian really do understand the realities of working, and applying to jobs, from home.
How does an online assessment centre differ?
How does an online assessment centre differ?
Hayley, Graduate Software Developer, has attended two of Experian's assessment centres – one in person, and another online.
Relocating during the pandemic
Relocating during the pandemic
Hear what Orianne, part of the Early Careers team at Experian, has to say about relocating in the current climate.
"The world's your oyster with training at Experian"
"The world's your oyster with training at Experian"
Find out how Shamas, Service Operations Graduate, came to do an apprenticeship in project management alongside his graduate scheme.

Key Timings

2:01 – Common Misconceptions on Experian
11.32 – Introductions to the Graduates (Why did you apply to Experian)
18.46 – A Graduates perspective on the recruitment Process
26.28 – What training have you received since joining?
37.15 – Studying an Apprenticeship (As a graduate!)
39.54 – What projects have you worked on in your role?
47.22 – Application Process (the x4 Stages)
48.37 – Working remotely
51.34 – What to do if you’re interrupted during a remote interview

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