UCL Mechanical Engineering Society (MechEng)

UCL MES is a student led society under the Department of Mechanical Engineering. We organise career and social events throughout the year targeted at the students of UCL Mechanical Engineering.

The UCL MES was founded in 2012, a society run by students for students. The MES has the aim to connect mechanical engineering students with industry. We want to ensure that mechanical engineering students are provided with the skills and opportunities needed to make a positive change in the world they live in.

Today, the MES has over distinguished 500 members and continues to create an impact in the UCL Mechanical Engineering Department through its local and European activities, and is looking to expand its reach to the wider world community.

Members typically study

  • Mechanical/Manufacturing

The facts

Our Department was the first Mechanical Engineering Department in the UK, founded in 1847.
We have over 500 members, and our university has students from more than 140 nationalities.
From starting off in 2012, we have grown into a strong committee of 21 members.
We represent UCL and the UK every year at the European Mechanical Engineering Student Council Conference.
The UCL MES society has free membership for all Mechanical engineering students.

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F1 in Schools UCL competition & Mentorship Volunteering

Students competing in F1 in Schools follow the same processes real Formula One teams follow, from an initial business plan, through to their own car design. Students use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, data analysis using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) machinery to manufacture their cars. They race on the F1 in Schools racetrack to see who has designed and manufactured the fastest car.

Student mentors actively support students competing in F1 in Schools, acting as school ambassadors and team mentors, providing assistance during the design, analysis and manufacturing phases. The mentors' programme also supports schools that want to start up with F1; schools in their first year or schools that need more support or schools in hard to reach areas.

The mentoring scheme offers several different types of support in the form of school visits and online mentoring sessions. Mentors answer questions and provide support around car design, materials, and support throughout the key stages of the project but also have the chance to share with students their experience of being a student at university.

UCL Racing

UCLR is made up of four teams that compete in different worldwide events. The competitions cover a variety of engineering challenges that put our knowledge to the test.

As a racing team we hope to compete in more events with a growing range of competitions available. Our team’s origins started in Formula Student and we expanded into newer projects such as UAS, that tackle newer problems faced. Across our teams, we hope to attain greater knowledge of these key areas of transportation and create innovative designs that can impact on the real world. Under our umbrella, the cross team interactions are strong, with the hope of sharing our expertise to inspire new designs.

Our team competes at:

Formula Student Competition

Formula Student is a worldwide challenge where students design, build, test and race a single seat race car. The IMechE runs the UK competition, which is held at Silverstone during July, the weekend after the British Grand Prix. The competition contains a mixture of dynamics and static events. Dynamic events test the car’s acceleration, speed and handling. Static events assess the design decisions, cost effectiveness and feasibility of the business plan in a commercial environment.

UCL Shell Eco-Marathon Team

The Shell Eco-marathon brings together University teams from all over Europe to play a role in shifting the focus toward solutions our environment can sustain. Separated into two categories, namely ’Prototype’ and ’Urban Concept’, participants choose a fuel to power their vehicle and compete to design, build and race the most fuel efficient vehicle possible. The ‘Prototype’ category is built around uncompromising fuel efficiency, and all nonessential equipment is removed, fighting to eliminate every gram of weight. The annual Shell Eco-marathon will take place at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford during the Make The Future Festival May 25 – 28. It is open to the public and will receive a large number of visitors.

UCL Hydro Team

The HydroContest is a naval competition hosted by Hydros. It is an international event for students dedicated to naval energy efficiency. Teams from universities around the world compete against each other annually on Lake Geneva, Switzerland, to design, build and race the most energy efficient boat. Over the ten day contest, the boats compete in two main races - a lightweight, low-ballast race and a heavyweight race - using a remote controlled system; the manoeuvrability, speed, loading capacities and endurance of the designs are vigorously tested.

UCL U.A.S. Team

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Challenge takes the rapidly-expanding field of unmanned flight and tasks University teams worldwide to design at the limits of what can be achieved for humanitarian aid, both in reconnaissance of disaster zones alongside physical aid-package transport. Teams face new and demanding rules each year forcing design bounds of autonomy, mass, cost, sortie time and accuracy; all against the elements. UCL is working towards their maiden entry this year to compete on the 19-20 June 2017 at Throckmorton Airfield, Worcestershire.

How to Join

To join please contact us via email or find out more on our Facebook, Website and Instagram pages.

Committee List:

  • President: Raghad AlJadaan
  • Vice President: Magda Singheorghe
  • Finance Director: Christopher Gutierrez De La Fuente
  • Sponsorship Director: Serkan Yilmaz
  • Events Director: Rafizul Md
  • Marketing Director: Bryan Cheong
  • Executives: Arnav Rawal, Deep Shah, Naveen Ramchandani, Stephen Bejide, Rose Song, Isabella Dube-Miglioli