University of Westminster Programming Society

Here at Programming Society we teach and review programming concepts to equip students with a good knowledge of how to use a variety of languages such as Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, ActionScript 3.0, and more. Our aim is to bring down the stigma of computer science only being suitable for a small range of people.

All members of the society's committee are fully committed to giving students the support they need to become confident in coding. We prepare our sessions to cater for all levels of programming, so sessions are also suitable for students who are not on a computing course. We will also be inviting people from industry to give some of their advice and insights to inspire students to code.  

Members typically study

  • Computing/Technology
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical/Process
  • Civil/Building
  • Electronic & Electrical
  • Materials & Minerals
  • Mechanical/Manufacturing
  • Sciences/Maths

The facts

Established in 2020.
We teach languages such as Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, ActionScript 3.0, and more.
We have 40 + members in our society.
We host a hackathon every semester.

Employers Who Like Our Society

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At our most recent hackathon, students had to pick one of the following industries and identify an issue that has been caused by COVID-19 and develop a solution that could ease the effects of this issue. 

The four industries were: 

  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Travel
  • Education.

The students also needed to consider the cost of production,  and whether the solution will be applicable after the pandemic. 

How to Join

If you would like to find out more, please email us at