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QinetiQ is a company of scientists and engineers committed to listening, understanding and responding to our customers' needs. This enables us to use our depth of experience and our unique science and engineering expertise to equip them with powerful solutions to their most pressing challenges.

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Typically recruits

  • Aerospace
  • Chemical
  • Civil/Building
  • Computing/Technology
  • Electronic & Electrical
  • Materials & Minerals
  • Mechanical/Manufacturing
  • Sciences/Maths

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Undergrad intake: 40+
Graduate intake: 100+
6,000+ knowledgeable workers.
We are an independent provider of impartial technology-based advice, test and evaluation.
With have facilities at Farnborough, Boscombe Down, Malvern, Portsdown and Haslar.
We are one of the UK’s largest research and technology organisations.
As a key supplier to the MoD, we’re working on over 1,000 defence contracts at any one time.
We hold more than 1,500 granted patents and have 1,000 patents pending.
Every 2 seconds an aircraft takes off or lands, whose wing design was tested in QinetiQ’s wind tunnel.

Placements / Internships

Graduate Opportunities (2)

Gareth Edwards

Air Division

"I felt that QinetiQ would offer me the opportunity to make a difference to the forces on the front line."

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QinetiQ signs a deal for battleships' autonomous future

QinetiQ, a British defence technology company, has announced the contract for the fourth stage of the Maritime Autonomous Platform Exploitation (Maple) project. Several other firms, including BAE Systems, are also involved.

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Helping to solve skills shortage and youth unemployment – The 5% Club

QinetiQ, along with a group of other leading UK companies, has just launched a major campaign urging industry to adopt a new 5% target for graduates, apprentices and sponsored students in their organisations. Companies joining The 5% Club will sign a charter to work towards having 5% of their UK workforce, over the next five years, comprising young people on structured training schemes. Having spearheaded the initiative, we at QinetiQ aim to reach the 5% target by 2015. Other companies and...

QinetiQ to enable collaborative virtual training across RAF bases

QinetiQ will enable Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoon pilots to train together in virtual environments from different locations by linking simulators at the squadrons’ Main Operating Bases (MOBs). The project is an addition to QinetiQ’s ongoing Distributed Synthetic Air Land Training (DSALT) contract with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), which provides synthetic mission training at RAF Waddington’s Air Battlespace Training Centre. QinetiQ will integrate existing BAE Systems...

Added: 6th June 2017

Jordan Homan

Weapons Division

"As a graduate scheme, and a company, I highly recommend it."

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