Analysis, Modelling & Simulation

Our Analysis, Modelling & Simulation Discipline is part of the larger Engineering & Operations Function.

Who we are

We are a broad collection of engineers, scientists and mathematicians working mainly in Data and Information across multiple Domains.

What we do

We provide data-driven information and advice which gives maximum advantage to our customers through:

  • Acquisition, analysis and interpretation of trial- and model-derived data.
  • Development of advanced new processing and analysis algorithms, tools, and services.
  • Formulation and application of modelling and simulation.

Our Combat and Mission Systems Specialists provide analysis, evaluation and advice in support of a wide range of mission systems, primarily on air platforms. Some are embedded with air force squadrons, providing direct technical and trials management support to deliver test and evaluation activities and post-trial data analysis.

Our Synthetic Environments and Simulation Specialists deliver modelling and simulation for training, problem analysis or research. They specify and develop simulation systems using a blend of off-the-shelf technologies (e.g. gaming software) and bespoke software, which may include use of Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions. The team leads development, integration and through-life support of Live, Virtual and Constructive training systems.

Our Data Analytics teams contain both Data Scientists and Data Engineers who use techniques from Statistics, Computer Science and Engineering, and work closely with Human Sciences specialists, to derive meaningful information from complex data (covering structured and unstructured data, text, imagery, sensor data, and other numerical sources) to support decision making and predictive ability. They also design and develop data platforms using a wide variety of Big Data, Machine Learning and Analytics technologies and components, from open-source, COTS and in-house sources.

Our Radar Scientists perform research and product development for airborne, land-based and ship-based radar systems, specialising particularly in radar imaging and target recognition. They also provide a consultancy service assessing the impact of windfarms on radar. They work alongside our Electronic Warfare Specialists who deliver world-leading research into novel electronic surveillance and geolocation techniques, direction-finding, advanced precision geolocation and radio propagation. Both the Radar and EW specialists share core skills in mathematical analysis and signal processing.

Our Weapons Modelling Specialists work on the development and application of mathematical and engineering models of weapons, e.g. aero-ballistics, parametric assessment of missile subsystem interactions and seeker performance.

Our Control and Autonomy Specialists work mainly in research and development, currently primarily in the air environment, but with growing involvement in the land and maritime environments too. They work on development of many aspects of autonomy and the subsequent integration into command and control, and mission planning systems. They create and manage a range of Live, Virtual, Constructive trials of autonomy solutions.

Our Cost, Risk and Operational Analysts work in a consulting environment, often at clients’ premises. They mostly work on defence projects, but also support other national and local government departments, and some commercial clients. They advise on major procurement activities and support delivery of large, complex projects and significant organisational change programmes. Their work involves the development, validation and application of mathematical models to represent the problem, combined with a range of statistical, probabilistic and analytical techniques.

We also have teams of Maritime Signature Analysts who work at our sea ranges in the UK and on deployment overseas. They measure the noise and vibration characteristics, and acoustic, electromagnetic and radar signatures of ships and submarines, and analyse the data to provide engineering and operational advice to the client navies. There are opportunities for direct entry roles for graduates in these teams.

Who our people are

The Analysis, Modelling and Simulation Discipline contains over 300 graduates, including many PhDs, ranging from those enrolled in the Early Careers programme, through to nationally- and internationally-renowned subject matter experts and QinetiQ Fellows. We have a blend of mathematicians, scientists and engineers, working with all of QinetiQ’s Air, Maritime, Land, Cyber and Weapons Businesses, and increasingly supporting our UK and international subsidiaries. We have a growing number of staff on extended deployments at customer sites in the UK and overseas.

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