The Application Process

The QinetiQ Early Careers recruitment process runs annually, September to March. All applications must be submitted by February to be considered.

There are two windows of assessment centres; the first are in late November to early December and the second window opens late February to early March.

Stage 1: Initial Application form

It is easy as 1.2.3! Simply click to apply, complete our short contact detail form and then upload your CV & cover letter.

Stage 2: QinetiQ CV

We ask you further questions and information, from site preferences to areas of interest so we can make sure that we understand exactly what it is you are looking for.

Stage 3: Online assessments*

Take part in completing a mixture of HireVue’s game based assessments and non-timed written tests. You will be competing directly against fellow applicants, the top 10% in each role will progress to stage 4.

*If you require any accommodations due to a disability, please make sure you tick the accommodations button. This will not affect your application but will allow us to tailor this step for you!

Stage 4: Manager screening

All successful candidates will be sent to our hiring managers – based on their role requirements and the information you have included. They will invite their final 10 applicants to the killer question stage.

Stage 5: Killer questions

Created to test you on the crucial skills you need for the role – you will be asked to complete killer questions that will be recorded or delivered by a live panel.

The top 3 from this stage will progress to our assessment centres!

Stage 6: Assessment Centres

Get to understand everything QinetiQ! Carefully designed to immerse you in who we are, our assessment centres will allow you the opportunity to meet our early careers community, business directors, future managers and many more.

Balanced alongside three 45 minutes group and solo activities – you will leave knowing what it takes to be part of QinetiQ.

Stage 7: Offer

Congratulations! If you have made it to this stage then you have been successful in your application and shown us why you are the best for your chosen role. Our Early Careers & HR team will be in contact directly to talk about contracts and next steps.