Our people

“Working in the Commercial Development directorate has given me experience across property management, property development and compulsory purchase, interesting areas of work that are not often available to graduates.”

Commercial Property Surveying Graduate


“My key achievement on the Finance graduate scheme was covering a vacant Finance Business Partner role within Surface Transport. This gave me excellent experience and helped me secure a Finance Business Partner role after the graduate scheme.”

Finance Graduate


“Hardly anyone could argue that getting the chance to work in the fields of structural, transport, geotechnical, track and environmental engineering is the best thing a Civil Engineer could ask for!”

Konstantina, Civil Engineering


“What inspires me the most is the ability to rotate across teams that are highly supportive and welcoming. This has fuelled my personal development.”

Jawad, Engineering and Technology Graduate


“Working with people from a range of disciplines to deliver safe, high-quality solutions in such a high-profile network like the London Transport System is as inspiring as it gets!”

Ioannis, Fire Engineering Graduate


“TfL offers engineers the opportunity of an office-based job with the ability to visit the track, train depot or station as frequently as required.”

Benjamin, Mechanical Engineering


“I chose to join the graduate scheme at TfL as I was very excited at the prospect of working on systems such as Contactless Payments. I was also drawn to the work life balance, as well as the promise of a varied experience by seeing different areas of the company.”

Kathryn, Software Development Graduate


“The biggest satisfaction from this job is being able to walk around London and see the positive changes you are making to this great city every single day. The ability to point at a road or junction and say “I built that” is a bragging right like no other! ”

Lixi, Senior Engineer (Highways)

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