Epic Projects

Work on an unparalleled range of projects.

Radioactive Waste Hazard Reduction Project

Cavendish Nuclear has been working on the Pile Fuel Cladding Silo Retrieval project at the Sellafield site since 2011. Together with Sellafield Ltd and our joint venture partner, our scientists and engineers have been delivering plant and equipment to enable the safe retrieval of hundreds of tonnes of highly radioactive waste. This has included designing, manufacturing, testing, installing and commissioning six huge doors through which the waste stored within the silos will be accessed, cutting the holes behind those doors to allow that access and providing the retrieval equipment to enable the waste to be safely retrieved into waste containers and exported for long term storage.

Armed Forces Light Aircraft Training

We ensure the world’s best aircrew trainees receive the world’s best flying training. From basic to fast-jet training for air forces, navies and armies, our teams deliver world-class technical instruction across multiple locations and aircraft types. Our biggest military flying training contract is LAFT2 (Light Aircraft Flying Task); this full-service partnership provides the MOD with a cost-effective way to operate flying training, backed by our understanding of the military training ethos and our duty of care to future pilots, university air squadrons and Air Cadet air-experience flying. Babcock’s training delivery is supported by cutting-edge training materials and detailed asset management to ensure delivery of the flying task.

The Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers

We’ve helped to design and deliver the aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, as part of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance – a unique partnership between Babcock, BAE Systems, Thales UK and the MOD. The scale of the project was immense: to design, build and deliver the nation’s flagships – the largest, most powerful warships ever built for the Royal Navy. Each flight deck is the size of 60 Wimbledon tennis courts, and each ship has two 33-tonne propellers. The partnership used more than 3,100km of electric cable, 2 million metres of fibre optic cable, more than 364km of piping, 41km of ventilation trunking and 65,000 tonnes of steel for each ship – creating history in the process.

Police Force

When you are responding to an incident, you need a vehicle you can trust. That’s why police forces across the UK turn to Babcock. Since 1912, we have been using our expertise to convert standard vehicles to meet the needs of the emergency services. We design everything from agile, high-performance response cars to robust protected vans. Our cutting-edge research means we deliver the latest integrated communication systems and class-leading ballistic integrity. Our services don’t stop after the design – we provide whole-life support, which covers training and asset management, all the way through to vehicle disposal.

Fixed Wing Air Ambulances For Norway

One of our newest contracts is the Norwegian Fixed Wing Air Ambulance contract; this contract sees us providing 24/7/365 fixed wing air ambulance services to around 9,000 patients across Norway each year. Due to Norway’s harsh arctic environment and vast landscape, fixed wing aircraft are essential to transport critically ill patients across far distances that would be too long or too difficult by road. Our operations also serve to provide thousands of patients with access to specialist healthcare centres across the country. This contract is a key element of Norway’s overall healthcare infrastructure and one we are very proud to deliver.

BMW Group UK Training Partnership

Since 2009, Babcock has been the trusted training partner to BMW UK, and in 2015 we secured a further five-year partnership with this motoring giant. Each year, we deliver approximately 37,500 training days and 1,500 apprentice days at the purpose-built BMW Academy. Our fully managed services cover both technical and non-technical training days – including an Ofsted graded ‘Excellent’ (1) apprenticeship programme with up to 200+ people joining every year and 600 on the programme. Our responsibilities also extend to BMW Group events such as new product launches, award days and graduations.