Watch Again – Gradcracker/MBDA Webinar

Help build the future of defence with MBDA

In this webinar we go behind the scenes to discover what life is like working for a defence company and how you could work on top-secret projects. With hundreds of you tuning in on the day, the webinar recording is here for those of you that missed it…

Hosted by

Carla Power
Sophie Hare-Scott

Guest speakers

Jamie Cooke
Systems Engineer
Alice Baird
Systems Test Analyst
Becky Harrison-Pitt
Systems Engineer
Tayla Shelford
HR Advisor
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This webinar was originally broadcast on
Thursday, 17th September 2020

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"Prove that you're a unique candidate"

Jamie Cooke, Systems Engineer, has been through MBDA's application process. Find out what Jamie's do's and don't's are when it comes to online applications.

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Tayla's tips on applying to MBDA

“It didn’t go well, but this is what I learnt from it – we’re interested in things like that as well.” Tayla Shelford, HR Advisor. 

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Interviews are your opportunity to find out about the employer

Jamie Cooke, Systems Engineer, tells us what he got out of his interview with MBDA and explains why interviews are very much a two-way process. 

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From teaching to engineering!

Becky Harrison-Pitt, Systems Engineer, talks about how doing an internship helped her decide what she wanted to do in the future. Becky also describes what it was like to start as a graduate, with the experience that she had.

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"The point of an internship is for you to learn"

Alice Baird, Systems Test Analyst, describes what you can expect from an internship with MBDA. Find out what Alice got up to, and what she got out of it!

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Have the freedom to explore different avenues

Alice, Systems Test Analyst, gives a very honest account of her first few years with MBDA and explains how her career has progressed since starting the job.

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