Nourishing our world, protecting our planet and enriching our communities.

Anchored in our guiding principles, we embrace a wide range of approaches to keep the food and agricultural system strong. The following are foundational to the way Cargill operates around the world:

  • Demonstrating integrity, ethics and transparency
  • Operating sustainable supply chains
  • Protecting human rights
  • Advancing inclusion and diversity
  • Ensuring safety for people, animals and our food system

Nourishing our world

Improving food security and nutrition, advancing food system innovation and strengthening farmer livelihoods.

Agriculture can meet the world’s rising demand for food. Improving global food security, especially in the midst of climate change, means the right crops must be grown in the most productive places and food must move from places of abundance to places of scarcity.

Investments in innovation and training will give farmers the tools they need to increase productivity and meet tomorrow’s food demand. We know the world’s farmers are resilient entrepreneurs. We support farmers at all levels of production as they adapt to changing growing conditions, consumer demands and nutritional needs.

Protecting our planet

Improving land use, advancing climate solutions and protecting water resources.

We protect forests, promote sustainable agriculture, reduce our environmental impact, help farmers adapt to a changing climate and work to conserve water, improve water quality and promote access to clean water.

Land Use - Cargill promotes balanced land use and sustainable agriculture to protect forests. We are committed to using our market presence to mitigate agriculture as a driver of deforestation. We recognise that forests and farming are both critical to creating a more sustainable, food-secure future.

Climate Change - Addressing climate change and helping farmers isn’t mutually exclusive. In fact, farmers and agriculture are how the world can solve today’s challenges. We’re committed to working with our partners around the world to improve their environmental impact and to supporting and empowering farmers, whose livelihoods are increasingly affected by the impacts of climate change.

Our commitments and actions include:

  • Reduce emissions from our extended supply chain by 30% per ton of product sold by 2030.
  • Reduce our absolute greenhouse gas emissions in our operations by 10% by 2025, against a 2017 baseline.

Water Resources: Of the fresh water people use every year, about 70 percent goes to produce the food we eat. At Cargill, we’re taking steps to manage our water resources efficiently by conserving water, improving water quality and ensuring access to clean water in the communities where we operate.

Our actions include:

  • Conserving water: We are working across our supply chains and within our own operations to conserve and improve water quality. We conduct local assessments and map our plants and supply chains to determine our long-term risk and take appropriate action. We work to improve freshwater efficiency in our facilities around the world. 
  • Improving water quality through sustainable agriculture: We are improving water quality in areas impacted by agriculture. We work with farmers to optimise use of fertiliser and other inputs to maximise yields, reduce runoff and protect watersheds.
  • Promoting access to clean water: We promote access to clean water in communities where we live and work. In areas where we have operations in remote or sensitive locations, we install waste water treatment technology to protect local water sources.

Enriching our communities

Strengthening economic and community development and driving lasting impact through employee engagement.

We build vibrant communities through economic development, charitable giving, employee volunteerism and partnerships.

We contribute to the vitality of communities through taxes, wages and investments in infrastructure, including ports, storage buildings and facility improvements.

Our businesses, facilities and employee-led groups support civic and non-profit organisations in local communities.

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