Corporate Responsibility

From inspiring future STEM leaders to reducing our environmental footprint, NI is focused on making a positive impact in the world. We do this by doing what we do best: accelerating productivity, discovery, and innovation.

NI is a place where people love what they do.

People and Culture

The greatest and most sustainable long-term competitive advantage is our employees, who directly influence the culture and the company’s continued success.

As NI continues to steadily grow, we must ensure that our “people platform” strategy delivers a great employee experience that fuels engagement, professional growth for individuals and profitability for the company. NI is committed to being a visionary company that is built to last – a place where people love what they do, bring who they are and feel like their work is making a difference.

We're reducing our global environmental footprint.

Commitment to the Environment

NI is dedicated to minimising its environmental impact. Whether optimising our product development and manufacturing processes or managing supplier expectations, we strive to find new ways to reduce our global environmental footprint.

NI's commitment to minimising our environmental footprint affects all aspects of our supply chain and daily business practices. In addition to optimising product design and manufacturing processes, NI carefully manages expectations with our suppliers and supports robust resource and product recycling programs. We also prioritise reducing use of resources, like water and electricity, at all our global sites.

We're proud to provide impactful STEM experiences.


STEM is in our DNA. We are passionate about accelerating STEM education through impactful partnerships, employee volunteerism, and technology donations.

The most impactful and inspiring STEM learning takes place when students put theory into practice and get hands-on experience with real-world science and engineering tools. NI has seen this inspiration in action firsthand through employee volunteers and STEM partners. NI is proud to help provide impactful STEM experiences to students by putting its engineering expertise and technology to use.

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