Technical Consultant

"My initial training ensured I was competent with Autodesk’s core software products, and the company allowed me to select which projects I worked on . . ."

I graduated from the University of Birmingham with an MEng Mechanical Engineering degree in 2005 and joined Autodesk immediately after graduating. Although Autodesk is primarily a software company, I was recruited to the Professional Services Group, which provides advanced manufacturing consultancy services to organisations around the globe.

My course included Computer Aided Engineering modules which meant I had a good understanding of CAD, CAM and C++, and I was familiar with Autodesk and its software products. I favoured the opportunity with Autodesk above offers from larger employers due to the company’s personalised approach to professional development and the wide variety of technologies and business areas that they work in. The flexible working practices and friendly atmosphere were also big advantages.

Autodesk’s approach to graduates meant that I was working on real commercial projects almost immediately after joining and was actively contributing to the team within weeks.  My initial training ensured I was competent with Autodesk’s core software products, and the company allowed me to select which projects I worked on. Guidance from my senior colleagues and directors ensured that I never felt isolated and was able to integrate quickly.

Since joining Autodesk, I’ve worked on lots of different projects in a range of different industries - anything from developing unique adaptive machining solutions for large aero manufacturers to writing bespoke software for luxury yacht manufacturers.  I’ve travelled extensively and worked alongside Autodesk’s sales partners in the North America, Europe and Asia. I’m exposed to both the technical and commercial sides of the business, and spend a lot of time working with the core product teams to improve the software.  I’ve also been encouraged to become involved with the STEM organisation which teaches engineering to primary school children, and have mentored summer placement students from abroad.

My role with Autodesk provides a perfect blend of mechanical engineering, software development and cutting-edge technology. I enjoy working for a company that is able to recognise and reward the achievements of individuals, yet large enough to provide the majority of benefits associated with multinational companies.

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