PowerVR Research Team

"Imagination is an exciting place to work. It’s at the cutting edge of embedded systems technology in graphics and communications, and it's growing very quickly"

I work at Imagination’s Research team looking at ways to improve video delivery on mobile devices.

Imagination is a fantastic company to work for. The main thing I like about working in research is the opportunity to develop tomorrow's technology. The work we do here is literally years ahead of the game, and we're uniquely placed to see our ideas become tomorrow's reality. As a whole, Imagination is a really people-focused environment, and it's nice to work in a place where people are so friendly.

The best advice I could give engineers at university is that it’s really important to get some work experience under your belt as soon as possible. Not only will this support your studies and bulk up your CV, but it very often leads to a full-time role after you graduate.