Communications Engineer

"The amount of knowledge and experience that surrounds you and supports you here is unbelievable."

I have been working in Imaginations Communication's team since I joined the company 16 months ago.  

What originally drew me to Imagination was their achievement in graphics, video and communications and the growth the company had seen. My keen interests in these fields made this place the perfect choice for me.  This became more certain after meeting the enthusiastic engineers from Imagination at the campus fair at my University. They gave me a practical picture of how people work at Imagination. They spoke about the informal, dedicated and passionate work culture. They also gave few examples of cutting edge designs and products they were working on.

These key points were more than enough for me to make my decision.

To call my time at Imagination so far humbling would be an understatement. The amount of knowledge and experience that surrounds you and supports you here is unbelievable. There is a lot of passion towards the work being done on a daily basis and this keeps me motivated. The informal and friendly nature makes the place very comfortable to work in especially if it’s your first job. Working for the simulator team has been the best platform for me to utilise both my software and hardware knowledge. My team members have been very co-operative in helping me improve my knowledge and understanding. It’s not always technical! There are social events which take place within the company too. Imagination is the best place to start your career with the wide variety of opportunities and challenges.

I have always loved electronics and my interests were in communications and System on Chip (SoC) design, I decided to pursue a Masters in SoC at University. During my masters, I was fortunate enough to attend a seminar presented by Imagination. I learnt a lot about the company from the presentation and was very impressed. I applied and received an offer for the exact role I was looking for which was a bridge between software and hardware.

The learning never ends here. I still read and make notes like I used to back in the University. This helps me get a better clarity of the design or the problem I am working on. My advice would be to never stop learning and do what you are passionate about. Design your own future.