Summer Placement Student

"The breadth of experience one can get at Imagination makes it an ideal place to learn as we work on so many different technologies."

At Imagination, I work with customers to fix problems or increase the functionality of the software that runs on platforms with our IP. I’m currently helping to get the driver working on an Operating System that’s new to us. I also help out with internal projects and have recently spent some time working as a STEM ambassador.

I chose Imagination as I have a strong interest in low-level programming on embedded systems, coupled with that the company that has a fantastic, relaxed but hardworking ethos and a complement of excellent perks; it was an easy choice for me.

My time so far has been truly excellent. I have worked on several interesting and varied projects since starting less than a year ago. The thing I particularly enjoy about the company is the active encouragement to learn and develop as part of the job, sometimes out of necessity and sometimes out of pure curiosity. The breadth of experience one can get at Imagination makes it an ideal place to learn as we work on so many different technologies.

I started my career at the University of Manchester reading for a Master’s in Electronic Systems Engineering. Between my third and fourth year I undertook a Summer Placement with Imagination and towards the end of this placement I was offered a full-time position when I graduated, and a grant for my final year which I snapped up. I started a few weeks after finishing my course.

My tips for upcoming engineers would be to learn about as many things as possible - you never know what might catch your interest. Never assume that knowledge will be useless- you’d be surprised which silly, seemingly unrelated facts might help you to solve engineering problems. Also consider thoroughly the context of the work that you’re doing - knowing how your solution is going to be used can be extremely important.

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