Graduate Trainee

"Nobody’s efforts are taken for granted, and success is celebrated."

Monica joined the Deal Advisory team at our Aberdeen office after taking a BSc in Business Management at the University of Birmingham.

“When I was applying for graduate jobs, I wanted clear career progression, a range of opportunities and prestige - KPMG stood out. At careers fairs they were always friendly. The culture seemed relaxed. Plus, the application system was really quick and straightforward.

I joined as a Graduate Analyst and, honestly, there is no ‘ordinary’ day for me. Not knowing exactly what I’ll be doing every day means I come in every day feeling really motivated. 

A couple of months ago I was given the opportunity to work on a project with a Partner. It felt like a lot of pressure at first, but it went really smoothly and there was a lot of support. I never imagined I’d be given that level of responsibility so early. But senior people aren’t intimidating here. Everybody feels like they’re on the same side.

Nobody’s efforts are taken for granted, and success is celebrated.

I feel proud of working at KPMG. People recognise the name when I tell them where I work. That makes me feel more self-confident. It’s like the reputation rubs off on me.

Straight after the induction I was given training in presentation and communication skills — they’ll be useful my entire career. The mentoring system here is also really good. Senior colleagues take time to chat with you about how you’re doing and help if you’re struggling with anything.

I joined a programme called ‘Learning with Leaders’ where I get to spend time with Partners from different departments. They give you some insight into different areas and teach skills that you might not learn in your own department. Senior Partners often ask what I think about certain decisions and take my thoughts on board."

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