Graduate Trainee

"A key differentiator between KPMG and other companies for me is how diverse the rotations are within the Technology Delivery Programme."

After graduating with a Philosophy and Politics degree from the University of Manchester, Jordan worked as an Insurance Broker before joining the Technology Delivery team in Manchester where he’s currently seconded into Management Consulting.

“When I was applying for jobs, I was looking for a company that would push and develop me. KPMG definitely delivers on that front. You’re immediately given the opportunity to be on client sites working with high-profile stakeholders. 

Not having a tech-related degree didn’t put me off applying, KPMG made it clear from the start that having a passion for Technology and how it’s transforming the business world today, is just as important. I only joined in autumn, but I’ve already had a lot of technical inductions and have used the online training platform where you can learn anything from coding to hard computing. I’m particularly looking forward to completing some Cloud computing training and gaining more technology qualifications.  

"A key differentiator between KPMG and other companies for me is how diverse the rotations are within the Technology Delivery Programme."

Right now, I’m on a Management Consulting secondment to gain some client-facing experience. Next, I’ll be in a more technical role in IT Effectiveness working on higher-level IT strategy projects. I’ll be focused on helping clients to leverage new technology and optimise existing solutions to ensure their IT enables and drives greater business value, as opposed to the traditional model of IT as a cost centre.

It’s useful to have these diverse experiences and to see the different opportunities open to you. I’ve met people who have recently gone through the Graduate Programme and are now Assistant Managers which is very encouraging.

I also really enjoy working and living in Manchester – it’s full of arty, fun and interesting things you would typically associate with cities as big as London. Whether it’s music, sports, arts, food or coffee shops that you love, you can find it in Manchester.

In everything they do, KPMG promote curiosity and innovation. For example, even throughout the training and recruitment process, you’re encouraged to ask questions – no question is too small. 

I’m proud to say I work at KPMG. My number one reason is that they’re trusted advisors to a huge range of clients, across many different industries. Secondly, there are so many senior people here who are role models to me – I genuinely aspire to be like them in a few years’ time.

To succeed at KPMG, you should always be asking questions and solving problems. You’ll also be curious, and interested in learning from people.”

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