Year in Industry Student

"I get to work with much better technology and creating something that might help (or better yet change) the internal MTC IT structure."

Name: Seema

University: Coventry University

Course: Computer Science

Why did you apply for a YINI Course?

As a Coventry university computer science student, it is essential to get a year experience for a sandwich degree. After applying to several employers and getting offered a placement by 2 companies, I choose MTC for many reasons. MTC offers a lot of opportunities and being a new fast-growing company I know I will always have work to do and apply my skills and learn something new every day. This opportunity will help me decide what career I would like to pursue in the future.

What do you think of the scheme?

I believe it is a great idea. It gives students an opportunity to apply their knowledge in a developing industry and gain recognition as well as industrial experience. This will also allow them to learn more about their area of expertise and apply their theoretical knowledge practically.

As an IT undergraduate, I get to work with much better technology and creating something that might help (or better yet change) the internal MTC IT structure. This is a big opportunity for me to work on, networking is something I didn’t have much experience with hence wasn’t attracted to it before, however by working with features of Microsoft Server 2012 R2 on a Z820 HP workstation, I believe this is something I would like to pursue as a career.

This scheme has been very beneficial as it helps me learn more about my field of expertise and networking as well as applying the skills at work which I have learnt at University. As well as improving my knowledge and gaining experience, I believe MTC has a lot more to offer, it is a remarkable place to work at, the staff are helpful and delightful, it is a friendly environment which helps me build my relationships with new people, part of my Job includes greeting the new employees in the company, creating their accounts, assigning them with laptops and providing them with IT facilities/equipment, this job allows me to meet new people on a weekly basis and create a friendly and welcoming environment for them to join.

Would you recommend the scheme to others?

Yes I would highly recommend this programme to other students/graduates, this will allow them to develop their academic knowledge and gain industrial knowledge as well as industrial experience. For new engineers this is a highly recommended place to apply to, as all engineers get the same opportunity to work with commercial employers and work side-by-side with research engineers to achieve target goals.

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