Glen Jones

Field Production Engineer

"The graduate programme gave me the chance to try something new and I haven’t looked back since."

Graduate Programme: 2011 – 2013

Graduate Programme Structure (at the time) – 24 months (4 x 6 month placements)

A keen interest in buildings and an enjoyment of the mechanics modules during A-Level Maths led me to pursue a degree in Civil and Maritime Engineering at the University of Liverpool. Throughout the course I thoroughly enjoyed applying the theoretical with the practical for a tangible end result. Graduating with a 2:1 MEng allowed me to consider a wide variety of career paths. While I already had a Structural Engineering job secured through my time working for a consultancy in the summer holidays, I was attracted to Perenco as their Graduate Programme appeared to offer a more adventurous challenge.

I initially started on the Graduate Programme in the Integrity Department. Working closely with the Structural Engineer I was involved in maintaining the structural integrity of the offshore installations, many of which are now in operation well beyond their original design life due to Perenco’s ability to continually extend field life. I then moved to the onshore reception facilities at the Bacton Terminal. Here I really got a feel for the Oil and Gas industry. It was an intense 6 months working as a Project Engineer; being immersed into large scale projects gave me the opportunity to learn about the many departments and trades within Perenco.

The business model for Perenco is to find economic strategies to produce fields to their full potential, often towards their end of field life when there is a need for both simple and innovative solutions. To this end it is left to the employee to be proactive to overcome production challenges. Along with the high levels of responsibility given, Perenco is also very supportive.

While at University I had not really heard of, let alone considered, being a Petroleum Engineer. The Graduate Programme gave me the chance to try something new (which interested me) and I haven’t looked back since. It was a great introduction to the Oil & Gas industry and exposes you to the vast opportunities within the company.