Ankit -Software Developer

"Ten years later and I'm still here. I've fulfilled my dream of using technology to improve the human condition"

Following my genetics undergrad and a couple of research jobs in Cambridge and Oxford I decided I was ready to start on a career in research genetics. With a couple of PhD offers in hand, I realised I had spent my entire life bouncing around the South East and I really ought to see what the North was like - so accepted a genetics PhD in Leeds. A year and a half in, it became obvious to me that a lifetime focusing on and becoming an expert in a tiny area of science, working ridiculously long hours at the whim of delicate experiments, chasing funding more than fundamental questions, and having very little impact on the real world was not for me!

A few months spent soul searching and reminiscing about the fun and satisfaction I'd gotten from tinkering with computers during my teens (almost exclusively to play games...) and I committed to a new career in IT. Further months passed unsuccessfully applying for programming jobs, and I was on the verge of getting another loan out to go back to university when I found TPP’s job advert ("No experience required!").

Ten years later and I'm still here. I've fulfilled my dream of using technology to improve the human condition and, more so, found a place where you're hired for the person you are and what you can achieve, rather than for what you know. TPP is a place where you're not working for someone, but instead working with a lovely bunch of likeminded people to build great things.

I now have a fifteen minute leafy stroll to the office rather than a horrific commute. My northern experiment turned out to be the best decision I've ever made.

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