Undergraduate Scheme

"The company has a real understanding of a trainee engineer's needs and knows how to capture your interest"

Lee spent a placement year at MBDA and is now back at university continuing his Computer Science degree.

"I chose MBDA because I wanted a company that would look after my professional career and give me real jobs that would stretch me. I wasn't disappointed."

"It's a great scheme that ensures I get a good understanding of engineering and analyses what I need to develop further to become a fully rounded member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers."

"The company has a real understanding of a trainee engineer's needs and knows how to capture your interest right from the start. As soon as I joined I was assigned a Mentor who made sure I was happy with the work and training that I was given. We met up every six weeks or so and I would show him my log book with details of all the work I had completed or been involved in, as well as training courses and tours I had been on."

"I was given a buddy of similar age to my own who had completed the same scheme. He was there to help me but I found everyone I worked with was very friendly. If I needed to know anything my line manager and my colleagues were only too pleased to help, both technically and socially."

"MBDA stretched me, both in day-to-day tasks and in my professional development. They are well-organised and see trainees as a priority and an investment, not an inconvenience."

Employee Profiles

Matthew - Simulation and Modelling Graduate

"t’s great because it gives me a full system understanding of the projects I am working on."

Jon - Head of UAS Weaponisation

"Within MBDA there are a broad range of business, technical & engineering disciplines &..."

Tom - Graduate Engineer

"I've certainly gained valuable experience from placements within different departments..."

Herlinde - Graduate Engineer

"I love the job I do because every day is different and I have control of my career"

Becky - Software Engineering Graduate

"Having a large community of graduates at site means that you always feel supported and..."
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