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Charging forward 

Electric vehicles are on their way and we're developing advanced new materials for battery cells in hybrid and full electric cars. There's still a way to go but our science is enabling the journey to pollution-free roads. 

Making More for Less

Populations are growing all over the world, placing ever greater demands on food production and the manufacture of agricultural products such as fertilisers. Catalysts from Johnson Matthey maximise the efficiency of fertiliser manufacturing.

Cleaner Air

One in every three new cars carries an emission control catalyst from Johnson Matthey. That’s millions of cars. Toxic carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons go into the catalyst, cleaner air comes out.

Finding the Remedy

Johnson Matthey’s ‘active pharmaceutical ingredients’ (APIs) are the constituents of pills and other medications that do all the work, whether it’s attacking cancer cells, regulating a heartbeat or combating severe pain.

Recycling Rare Elements

They’re not called precious metals for nothing. Platinum group metals, or pgms, are a valuable natural resource and their applications are numerous. Johnson Matthey is the world’s largest recycler of pgms.

Breaking the Silence

Cochlear implants can change deaf people’s lives in the most profound way, by providing them with a sense of sound. Our components lie at the heart of these implants and play a part in helping thousands of people to hear for the first time each year.