Watch Again – Gradcracker/Arup Webinar

Gradcracker Summary:

In this webinar, we gained some really valuable insights into Arup and, in particular, its application process. Arup’s recruiter and students/graduates share their experiences and tips on things like situational judgement tests and interviews. 

The amount of responsibility Arup gives its students and graduates really stood out. You’ll have the opportunity to be at the centre of exciting and innovative projects from the moment you start, and from there, there are so many places your career can go.

This webinar was originally broadcast on Thursday, 14th January 2021
Hosted by
Guest speakers
Carla Power
Jessica Luck
Abby Whiteman
Early Careers Recruiter
Mira Torres
Graduate – Consulting – City Planning
Chidi Kazie
Graduate – Engineer – Highways
Maria Arrigoni
Industrial Placement Student – Geotechnical Engineer
Arup webinar highlights
Arup's recruitment process; from start to finish
Arup's recruitment process; from start to finish
Abby, Arup's Early Careers Recruiter, runs through the company's recruitment process for graduates and placement students.
Things that every recruiter wants to hear about
Things that every recruiter wants to hear about
Placement student Maria describes the interview stage of Arup's application process, and we discuss some of the things that every recruiter wants to hear...
Communication is key
Communication is key
Arup Graduate Mira describes her assessment day at Arup, which included a technical exercise, an interview and a group exercise. We also discuss how to approach this stage of the application process, now virtual, with Arup's recruiter.
Preparation and support
Preparation and support
Hear how students and graduates at Arup prepared for their first day, and find out what kind of support they received once they started. We also cover what it's like to work from home. 
Create your own path at Arup
Create your own path at Arup
"You're given a lot of flexibility in terms of what area you want to specialise in. There's no formal training schedule, so it's up to you to create your own path." Mira, Graduate at Arup.

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