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Alfa employees are an eclectic mix but all are creative, talented and hardworking.

Ours is a close-knit community, with many people choosing to spend time together in and outside of work. We all enjoy the work-life balance and Alfa’s supportive approach to further training, career development and opportunities for self-development.

"When we ask our team why they like working for Alfa, they always talk about the vibrant and supportive culture."

To help reinforce our culture, we hold numerous team events and conferences that bring us together for socialising and team building, most recently our Company Conference in Barcelona.

Alfa UK Company Conference 2017

Alfa people attend a conference and talk about their experiences.

We think it’s important that people keep in touch, and encourage our staff to spend at least one day each week at an Alfa office. That way, all the small teams stay part of the bigger one.

"Alfa is different to most consultancies and software companies. We’ve grown from a small operation to become a global player, but have kept our focus on the contribution and development of each individual on the team."

Employee Profiles

Ying Ying Li - High Energy Particle Physics - University Of Cambridge

"One of the many things that first attracted me to Alfa is the variety of different..."

Alex Anthony - MChem Chemistry - Oxford University

"I’ve picked up multiple programming languages in my time at Alfa"
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