Mike Thorpe


"I don’t have a “typical working day”. My current selection of responsibilities means that every day is different."

Base Location: Leatherhead

Current Location: Leatherhead

Programme Joined: Graduate

Previous Education: BSc (Hons) Mathematics

Interesting Fact about you: I am a school governor for a local junior school

Did you relocate? If so how did you find it?: I moved from Manchester to Leatherhead

Your role at CGI: FC BISA KPI Manager, OR Manager, Build Manager & Interviewer

Previous roles at CGI: Developer, Test Team Leader, Grad Rep, Technical Officer (and others)

My first role was graduate developer on the FC BISA Programme. I worked hard at this role, but I also volunteered to take on a wide range of additional tasks including coaching new joiners, performing document updates as well as other bits and bobs. Naturally I was better at some of these tasks than others, but the important thing was that my Line Manager saw what I could do. When we signed the contract for a major piece of work I was made a Team Leader because of this.

Since then I have tried a selection of different roles in development and testing as well as a secondment to the Space sector where I worked as a Technical Officer looking at the Galileo programme.

Your usual working day: 0730 – 1600

I don’t have a “typical working day”. My current selection of responsibilities means that every day is different. I have a number of auto-generated reports I have to check for anything significant (e.g. work packages being completed), however beyond that my day-job involves working out where we want to be and how to get there.

The key thing for me is that there is a lot of variety – some days I will be reviewing code updates and other days I will be working out the best way to achieve a target so we can claim a payment milestone.

What you enjoy most about working for CGI: My current team

Your top tip for someone considering CGI and the programme you joined 

Be enthusiastic – that way when you find your perfect role it can be yours.

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