Lancaster Cryptography and Cypher Society

Lancaster University Cryptography and Cypher Society (LUCCyS) was founded in December 2018 in order to foster a friendly and familial atmosphere to study cryptography, crack codes and solve puzzles.

Members typically study

  • Computing/Technology
  • Maths/Analytics
  • Science

The facts

Kp 2017, Yjcvucrr wugtu ugpv 55 dknnkqp gpetarvgf oguucigu gxgta fca! (you can decode the facts).
!dlrow eht ni drowssap desu ylnommoc tsom eht sa "drowssap" kootrevo "654321" 5102 nI.
0dfc081f14c41ef 383753ade652210bc Use this tool to crack the MD2 hash!
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Cryptography involves the encryption and decryption of data so that it can be sent without third parties being able to read the information, should it be intercepted. Historically, cryptography and cyphers have been used to encrypt communications in conflict, but as modern society evolves through our use of the internet, some form of modern cryptography is used in billions of messages and instructions every day.

We meet every Thursday from 8 - 9 pm in the Welcome Centre, Lecture Theatre 4 and every third week our Social Secretary decides a location for our social event, Pubs and Puzzles. We meet at a pub in Lancaster and spend the evening relaxing together, cracking codes and puzzles from books or that other members have created. Once or twice a year, we arrange to visit an Escape Room, as a means of blowing off some steam, typically after exams. 

Our members regularly teach the rest of the society on Thursdays, explaining a different encryption method or tool. Everyone is encouraged to participate in this as we firmly believe that everybody has something that they can share to benefit others. 

Every week, at least one new puzzle is posted to our Facebook page, which will test knowledge that has been previously taught or your general logical ability.

How to Join

If you want to find out more about our Society then please email us.

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