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The Royal Navy is Britain’s Maritime Armed Force, protecting our nation’s interests around the globe. We operate in some of the world’s most high impact situations, and technology is at the heart of everything we do. In order to respond to any natural disasters or events that threaten our economy or national...

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Typically recruits

  • Aerospace
  • Chemical
  • Civil/Building
  • Computing/Technology
  • Electronic & Electrical
  • Materials & Minerals
  • Mechanical/Manufacturing
  • Sciences/Maths

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The first permanent administration for the Navy via Letters Patent was in 1546.
Royal Navy ships operate with many countries across the Middle East.
Devonport is the largest Royal Naval base in Western Europe.
The type 45 destroyer has enough electrical cabling to stretch the length of the M25 three times.
Receive a £27,000 joining bonus
The reactor in the Royal Navy's latest Astute class submarines is fuelled for the life of the vessel.

Graduate Opportunities (6)

HMS Montrose returns to sea

The latest frigate to complete her a refit in Devonport sailed for the first time in almost 3 years on Friday (7th July).

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Frigates secure the seas for HMS Queen Elizabeth on maiden sea voyage

Two Royal Navy frigates have joined HMS Queen Elizabeth to secure the seas around the giant aircraft carrier as she embarks on her maiden sea trials.

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Weapon Engineer Submariner

After completing a degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of Southampton, I joined Britannia Royal Naval College in 2011. On completion of of my initial officer training, I spent 10 weeks on a Scandinavian deployment on HMS Bulwark,...

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Multi-billion pound deal signed for first three new Type 26 frigates

The first of the Royal Navy's next-generation frigates will be laid down before the month is out after a £3.7 billion order was placed for three Type 26s.

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Royal Navy air crew rescues last survivor of sunken tanker

A Royal Navy air crew has rescued the last survivor of a sunken tanker in the Indian Ocean at the end of a dramatic day-long international rescue which saved 13 lives. Royal Navy Air Engineering Technician Stu Rogers was repeatedly swamped by waves as he spent half an hour trying to hook the stricken sailor and winch him up into HMS Monmouth's Wildcat helicopter, 140 miles off the island of Socotra in the Gulf of Yemen. The sailor was the 13th of 14 crew members of the tanker Rama 2 which...

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