Weapon Engineer

"I love the job variety that comes with working in the Royal Navy"

Originally from Portsmouth, I moved to the midlands to read Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Birmingham before beginning my Initial Officer Training at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.

After commissioning as a Royal Navy Officer, I completed training at HMS COLLINGWOOD and on board HMS DEFEENDER as a Junior and then Assistant Weapon Engineer Officer. This time on board was ‘on job training’ where I completed a task book and was mentored by the Weapon Engineer Officer and rest of the WE department to develop my skills. Having completed all my training I was appointed to HMS DUNCAN as Communication Information Systems Engineer and subsequently as Deputy Weapon Engineer Officer. I was fortunate enough to serve on board with James as Deputy Mariner Engineer Officer (see other profiles). My time on-board HMS DUNCAN meant I have visited numerous countries that I otherwise would not have visited including Dubai, Jordan, Oman, Bulgaria, Romania and Egypt.

Joining the Royal Navy straight from university has benefitted me immensely; I joined HMS DUNCAN age 23, as Deputy Head of Department, overseeing and co-ordinating tasks from maintenance periods and military task equipment on loads to Sea Viper High Seas firings and embarking of all ammunition required for 9 month deployment. Completing my Ready for Charge qualification at age 25 has set me up well for career progression.

I thoroughly enjoy engineering in a different and sometimes challenging environment for example ensuring equipment is still providing operational capability when operating in the extreme heat of the Gulf rather than the usual office job. I also work with like-minded, enthusiastic people who share similar interests to me which brings with it a lot of job satisfaction. One day I could be briefing command on the repair plan for a defect that has a key impact on the ship's operational tasking and the next day I could be hosting visitors on board for a capability demonstration as a key part of Defence Engagement.

My job now at System Engineer Management Training at HMS COLLINGWOOD involves mentoring and training the next generation of Deputy Weapon Engineer Officers, which again is very rewarding but completely different to my role on-board HMS DUNCAN and I love the job variety that comes with working in the Royal Navy.

Since joining the Navy I have played in the Royal Navy Netball team, achieved various sailing qualifications and been sailing in Canary Islands on a Tall Ship.

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