Making Kynisys: how we’re building the future of AI

Added: Over a year ago by Imagination Technologies

This is the sort of tech which requires half a lifetime of specialist knowledge to really get a deep understanding of it. Shortly after joining I felt a bit like I had landed on a more advanced alien planet. Everyone seemed smarter than me.

After the initial learning-shock, I started to see how edge AI and inference on the edge is most likely going to be the future. The benefits of edge AI are about to make the world smarter: it provides speed, efficient data handling and storage, lower systemic costs and no real-time live connection.

Yep, I was sold.

Although edge technology is going to change the world, it is not the most straightforward to deploy. Senior developers and product specialists described to me their current workflow and pain points and I left horrified. Today’s workflow and solutions are far too complicated, perhaps even unknowable. It became clear to me that if you’re serious about deployment on the edge it would require an AI engineering team as big and expert as Imagination Technologies.

As these conversations progressed and the multiple product workshops we ran, I could see a value proposition emerging: An AI marketplace for edge compute that offered toolsets and all the building blocks that an edge AI system integrator needs. An easy-to-use platform to create, test and deploy edge AI in less than a day. Putting the power in the hands of those who have to solve “edge problems”.

AI on the edge is about solving a problem in a constrained problem space, whether that is cost, device size or low power, and understanding data at the point of seeing it. This allows us to use the intelligence provided by AI to seamlessly integrate into the world we live, responding instantly and reliably while maintaining the integrity and privacy of all of our data.

I always wanted to build a platform that developers would love, that gives them real power, and that makes things better and easier. I want to make it easier for start-up CEOs to be bold and take risks so that they can build those awesome ML-based businesses in AIoT or Robotics without huge Capex. I want to help the global players get faster and be more product focussed and market-led. Fewer pains and more gains.

So Kynisys is born. We’re already signing up our first alpha test partners. We’re launching competitions for talented developers in academia and in elite development groups to build out solutions on our platform. Our message is: build the future with us. Get moving. Get kinetic. Get Kynisys.