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About HSBC

More than 229,000 people working together across 67 countries makes us the world’s leading international bank. We’ve always been where the growth is. Connecting customers to opportunities is part of our heritage. Our purpose is to help businesses thrive and economies prosper while helping people fulfil their hopes and realise their ambitions.

My HSBC Graduate Experience

"I really couldn't have imagined a better way to start my career".

Technical criteria

You should be curious about technology and have a genuine interest in themes such as Digital, Analytics, Cloud or Cyber.

We’re particularly keen that you demonstrate knowledge of one or more of the following disciplines:

Data Science (including Analytics, ML, AI), Cloud technologies, Modern Programming Languages (eg. JVM-based, JS frameworks), Open Source development, *nix, Non/Relational DBs, Mobile Development, Cybersecurity, SRE and DevOps patterns, DLT, Cryptocurrencies.


Minimum 2:1 degree in any STEM degree discipline in the UK.

HSBC Technology in context

Over the next two years, we will be investing USD15-17 billion* to fuel our growth through technology that makes banking simpler, better and faster for our customers. There will be complex financial and data challenges along the way, which will test the brightest and boldest technology problem solvers.

Being one of these means collaborating as a global team of expert technologists. Together, you’ll build platforms that support 38 million customers and run more than 6,300 services; you’ll embrace agile working to shape our future and transform the world’s banking experience.

HSBC Technology provides you with the opportunity to be part of a truly global, genuinely human bank. It’s a chance to be you and to be heard, to set your own path as you transform ours at the forefront of innovation. Working here means helping a progressive, diverse organisation improve financial services for good.

Our Graduate Programme

It’s a world of opportunities and the freedom to create your own. Our two-year rotational programme will see you developing solutions at the forefront of technological advancements. Cloud. Cybersecurity. Artificial Intelligence. Data. These are just some of the technologies you’ll work with. This is how you’ll improve the way we serve customers. It’s how you’ll transform us and our future.

Your role

Make technology work harder to make life simpler. Find ingenious ways for it to make banking better, faster and easier for customers. Keep their money safe and their data secure.

This will mean building relationships across Technology and the bank, getting to know the business and understanding how technology can progress it. Sometimes, this will demand hands-on involvement in designing and developing the solution. You could be overseeing production of that solution and working directly with the end user. Whatever role you take on, you’ll have the mix of technical and interpersonal skills necessary to get the job done.

Our technologists solve problems by innovating. You’ll touch on everything – from cybersecurity to data to cloud to artificial intelligence. What you do here is all about finding new ways to apply the latest technologies. To push the boundaries of what’s possible. To be curious and experiment. To deliver better every day and never stop learning.

This will equip you with the impressive technical capabilities and core leadership skills you need to progress. Where they take you will be up to you. Whichever path you decide to pursue, know that we’ll empower you with a wealth of learning opportunities, including providing support through our Technology Academy.

In time, you could progress to become a member of our Global Technology Leadership team. This means where you go next will be directing where we go next.

We’re looking for top talent

True technologists are innovative and curious. You’ll combine a thirst for knowledge with the resourcefulness to seek it out, be that in others or elsewhere.

We particularly want to hear from:

  • Innovative and creative thinkers who challenge themselves and each other, push the boundaries of thinking, share knowledge and explore new ideas
  • Analytical problem solvers who can overcome complex challenges using data and logic
  • Collaborative people who work with colleagues and clients to achieve their goals
  • Commercial minds who understand anything we do is about improving something for our customers.
  • If you have a passion for tech, your career here will be all about indulging in it.

Application Hints & Tips

Online Application  

Online Application  

  • Eligibility Questions: Basic data collection to determine whether you have the pre-requisites to apply to your chosen programme, such as UCAS requirements, degree grade, ability to be nationally mobile.
  • Motivation Questions: These determine your level of motivation for wanting to join both your chosen programme and HSBC. These questions come with a 250 word limit so you must be concise.
  • Be clear as to why you have chosen HSBC and what have you done previously that demonstrates this interest (previous work experience (paid/unpaid), volunteering, university societies and clubs etc).
  • Be mindful of previous skills that you have acquired (of all varieties) and how these would be of use to HSBC for either an internship or graduate programme.
  • Motivation also involves understanding HSBC as a business and being aware of any challenges that we may face that are out of our control.

Online Assessments  

Online Assessments  

  • Situational Judgement Test: bespoke to HSBC, a type of psychological test which gives realistic, hypothetical scenarios and asks the individual to identify the most appropriate response or to rank the responses in the order they feel is most effective. Answer these honestly as opposed to trying to second guess what HSBC is looking for, this is about the integrity of your answers.
  • Inductive Reasoning Test: sometimes referred to as abstract reasoning tests, these are used to test the logical problem solving ability of each candidate. 

Telephone Interview  

Telephone Interview  

Capability Questions: interview questions that require candidates to provide real-life examples as the basis of their answers. Utilising the STAR model of describing the Situation, Task, Action and Result as the format of the answers works well.

Assessment Centre  

Assessment Centre  

Analysis Exercise: a 60 minute exercise in which it is advised to pay close attention to the task objectives and the time to complete. There is a lot of information to read through and to make suggestions around so you are advised to use time wisely and pay close attention to the task objectives. Typically reading and note taking for first 20mins, then completion of task for final 40 minutes works well. This is the first exercise of the day so make sure you are at your best and ready to go.

Group Exercise: a 40 minute collaboration exercise which follows the analysis task. Strong candidates show active participation without dominating and ensure that the brief is followed by means of collaboration with fellow candidates, including their viewpoints and data. Click here to get tips for graduate assessments

Interview: Comprised of two parts; a situational and capability interview followed by a business interview Situational and capability interview: lasting around 35 minutes, this involves one situational question (based on a hypothetical business situation with follow up questions) and three capability (past behaviour / real-life examples) questions.

Business interview: Lasting around 30 minutes, this involves questions around your motivation (as per telephone interview) so be sure to emphasise why HSBC and why this stood out as your chosen programme. The second part looks to delve into your commercial understanding of the industry so ensure that you are able to demonstrate your high-level awareness of the industry and any challenges HSBC may face.


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Opportunity Overview

  • March 31st, 2019
  • Competitive + benefits
  • 2:1 and above
  • UK Wide

Disciplines accepted...

  • All STEM disciplines

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