Energy and Building Technology

The Energy and Building Technology business sector offers a wide range of products and solutions from the areas of HVAC, solar energy, and security systems.

Sectors within Energy and Building Technology: 

Security Systems - Bosch Security Systems is a leading supplier of internationally approved security systems, providing customers with innovative, high-quality solutions backed by world-class reliability and customer service.

Thermotechnology - Bosch Thermotechnology is a leading international manufacturer of heating and hot water products and incorporates the brands of Worcester, Bosch Group for the domestic market and Bosch for the commercial and industrial market. The division’s mission is to provide energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, paying equal attention to resource efficiency, system flexibility and user friendliness.

Service Solutions - Established in 1985 as a monitoring centre with communication services, today Bosch Service Solutions is an international leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing for complex, technology-driven services. Bosch Service Solutions combines analytical capabilities and technical expertise with operational excellence. In more than 30 languages and 24 locations worldwide, Bosch Service Solutions develops and implements solutions for various business processes based on best practices and latest technologies. The focus is on specific industries that fit well to the Bosch brand: “Automotive”, “Travel and Transportation” and “Information & Communication Technology”.