Munaf Ally

Project Manager S&C Alliance

"I feel very fortunate to have worked with a number of specialist teams."

Started 2012 (Future Leaders Programme)

Discipline: Civil

Project Manager S&C Alliance

I am proud to say I completed the Colas Rail Graduate Programme. Prior to joining Colas, I read for a Masters degree in Civil Engineering at UCL. I spent the last 18 months on the Colas Rail Future Leaders Programme being trained in the technical and management aspects of delivering railway projects in alliance with Network Rail.

The graduate programme consists of rotations around the different business streams of the company. Given my particular interests, however, as well as the company’s requirements, I have rotated within the Track Renewals division. The rotations were broad and each brought about their own challenges. They included track maintenance with the High Output fleet of machines, planning and resourcing of on-track machines, compliance to British Standards Collaborative Working Policy, and Plant Reliability.

I feel very fortunate to have worked with a number of specialist teams. These experiences have helped me to develop a capacity to quickly adapt to new working environments, and have greatly enhanced my professional communication skills. I worked as an Assistant Project Manager (APM) for the delivery of the S&C Watford Junction Remodelling Project as part of the LNW South Conventional Team. I assisted Tom Stoddart, the Project Manager, who is a former graduate and an inspiring example to those coming through on the programme.

On a personal level, I saw that as a huge project and a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate my skills and growing confidence within the company. Being involved in projects of this magnitude was precisely why I chose to join a company of Colas Rail’s stature. My involvement as an APM was a testament to the unique Future Leaders Programme offered at Colas Rail, and also the support and guidance I received from all the staff I have worked with.

Right from the beginning the programme allowed for confidence in my abilities, which I intend to repay through strong work ethic and accountability for my work.


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