What We Look For

Who We Are Looking For

As people are our key to success, we are looking for those who are passionate about innovating and improving things. They are leaders who are ready to face diverse challenges and are eager to learn and develop every day. P&G recruits and develops its people against core competencies called success drivers. They cover three main areas, also known as our 3 Powers:

The Power of Minds

We want you to display an infinite curiosity and be eager to create, with a healthy disregard for conventional thinking. By continually exploring your profession and the world around you, you form ideas to move our business forward.

The Power of People

Do you look for value, and leverage the differences around you and then constructively apply them to business problems or solutions? P&G people should always be looking to create an environment of trust where everybody feels free to contribute at their best.

The Power of Agility

We need you to be ready to meet change head-on and to be rigorous in your execution. By doing so, you allow us to transform quickly and win in the market. 

Combined, these characteristics are our Success Drivers, the competencies that define how our people succeed in today’s business environment. They are the characteristics we look for in new employees, how we measure performance in the Company and the basis for our development and career systems.

Our Purpose, our Values, our Principles (PVP)

At P&G, it’s about integrity and character. It’s about building trust by being open, honest, straightforward and candid with each other, our customers, consumers and business partners. We do what we say, and we say what we mean.This is what sets P&G and P&G people apart.

Combined, these characteristics are our Success Drivers, the competencies that define how our people succeed in today’s business environment.