Chloe Taylor

Graduate Engineer

"Siemens has given me a deep insight into who I am and how I work."

Tell us about your work/life balance:

It works brilliantly. I flex around core hours of 10am and 2pm. This gives me the freedom to work a 37.5 hour week to suit me. Usually, this means working 8am till 4pm. But, if I want to get away for the weekend, I work an extra hour in the week so I can start my weekend early.

What about professional training and development?

Everything I need and more. My mentor supports me towards chartership but over and above this, I feel my skills are invested in as an engineer, a business person and a human being. Siemens has given me a deep insight into who I am and how I work. I understand my strengths - but I know my weaknesses too. This directs my focus so I can be the best I can be.

How are you challenged intellectually?

Variety. I find myself dealing with anything from how a particular building system works and consumes energy to advising customers on cost-saving improvement measures. It means there are more facets to my role; I get to be a sales representative as well as an engineer.

What innovative/digital projects have you worked on?

My first project involved a Total Energy Management solution for our Congleton manufacturing site. We took a reduce, produce and procure approach to this and hooked the facility up to MindSphere. This meant I got to work with colleagues in other parts of the business to implement the most energy-efficient gas engine on site to make it, more or less, self-sufficient. We were also able to make it carbon-neutral – the first manufacturing building in the UK to achieve this. Not a bad start to my career.