Keir Hargreaves

Project Management Graduate Engineer

Meet Keir - a Project Management Graduate Engineer at Frazer-Nash. 

Describe your career journey so far.

"Throughout school, my favourite subjects were Maths, Physics and Product Design, so I proceeded to undertake them at A-Level. Naturally, these three subjects interlinked well towards the engineering discipline, and following completion of these courses I was accepted onto the Product Design Engineering degree course at Loughborough University. After two years at Loughborough I was averaging a 2:1 grade, and for my third year I undertook a 12-month placement as an Assistant Project Manager at Southern Water.

There, I co-managed £multi-million projects within the Asset Resilience department. I returned to Loughborough for my final year, where I harnessed a newfound working mindset and motivation, leading me to achieving a first-class grade for my degree as a whole. Following my degree, I took a year away from industry and academia to travel, during which time I was offered a role at Frazer-Nash Consultancy. I began work here in July 2023."

What attracted you to Frazer-Nash?

"During my interview, I was told “we can’t tell you what you’ll be working on when you start with us, as we just don’t know what opportunities will have arisen by that time.” In fact, my interviewers couldn’t even tell me what industry I would be working in. I think that perfectly describes the regularly interchanging work and variety of exciting projects that are on offer through Frazer-Nash. The guarantee of interesting projects across a wide range of disciplines, along with the offer of professional development support and generous benefits, combine to make Frazer-Nash the standout company above any other."

What do you enjoy about working at Frazer-Nash?

"As previously described, the range of interesting projects is incredible. I spoke to a senior employee in my first week at Frazer-Nash who continues to be surprised by the scale of some of the ongoing work. Along with this, the people here are interesting too. Everyone around the offices are friendly and approachable with plenty of fascinating stories of their work at Frazer-Nash, altogether making the workplace comfortable and uplifting. This also contributes to a healthy social aspect of working at Frazer-Nash. In my first month, I played in two company cricket games, travelled to Bristol for a wider team social event, and have organised an upcoming Leatherhead-based pub crawl. Results to follow…"

What are you excited for in your future at Frazer-Nash?

"I have numerous upcoming projects, where I will be working in varying industries simultaneously and taking on a range of different tasks. I am excited to work alongside many different people throughout Frazer-Nash and build healthy working relationships, whilst learning new systems and developing a range of new skillsets. In the longer term, I am beginning an MPDS towards Chartership. Frazer-Nash has been keen to get me affiliated with a professional institution of my choice, and will continue to support me with my professional development into the future."

What would be your top tip to members going through the application process?

"Remain resilient. The best part of job applications are the interviews, where you can truly be yourself. So, always remind yourself that in every application the best part is yet to come."

How did Gradcracker support you in finding your role?

"The Gradcracker website allowed me to track my progress with each application, which kept me in control. When you apply for lots of jobs at the same time, you can often lose track of which stages you’ve reached with each, meaning you have to cycle through emails to find the latest update. Gradcracker mitigates this with your personal dashboard, giving you a clear overview of progress and allowing you to use your time more effectively."

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