Real Estate & Infrastructure


Governments around the world are increasingly recognising the need for greater housing supply to meet local demands; enhanced transport, health, education and public services as well as renewable energy production. Consequently, international real estate and infrastructure projects are finally getting the attention they deserve.

The EU Member States have agreed to prioritise infrastructure spending, whilst international investment from markets such as China and the Far East are seeing a marked increase into real estate, energy, and transport projects. At the same time infrastructure remains top of the government’s agenda in Asia and CEE, with major transport enhancements currently in the pipeline. However, whether our clients are investors, funders, EPC Contractors or procuring bodies, the legal issues they face with any real estate and infrastructure project are complex.

Our international real estate, construction and projects teams combine to advise on a range of projects across the entire infrastructure sector, in particular the renewable energy, transport and public sectors. Our team guide our client's through the maze of procurement structures, funding techniques and government legislation, and advise on dispute resolution techniques arising from complex construction and engineering projects.