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The fast-paced automotive sector is changing like never before. The climate-change magnifying glass is firmly focussed on cars, with legislative changes and customer pressure driving manufacturers to accelerate their development of greener drivetrains and more environmentally friendly production.

2D Materials

In the 15 years since Professors Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov isolated and discovered graphene at the University of Manchester, the material has been heralded as a game-changer in the research and development of new materials.

bioinformatics and biomedical informatics

Bioinformatics, computational biology and biomedical informatics are interdisciplinary fields of science that combine life sciences (including biology, medicine and biochemistry) with computer science, mathematics, statistics and engineering (including their subfields such as control theory, information theory, thermodynamics, machine learning and artificial intelligence) to analyse and interpret biological and medical data.

Energy Storage

Energy storage technology is an area of constant innovation. For years we have been trying to squeeze a little bit more performance from our electronic devices. However, we are now at a juncture where society’s power demands have risen to a level where future development of entire industries depends on significant advances in this technology.

Engineering Oppositions

An opposition strategy can make or break a business. Whether you’re at the receiving end of an opposition, or are looking to clear the way for your own products or services, it’s important to get it right. Our Special Report 'EPO Opposition Trends in Engineering, Electronics and Software' provides fresh insights into this complex area.

Future Food

We are seeing a food revolution take place before our eyes. With increasing global demand, animal welfare issues and pressing environmental concerns, many are questioning whether conventional agricultural practices are sustainable.

Future Mobility

The term future mobility covers all modes of transport – those that already exist and new ones that will be created. From electric vehicles and autonomous cars to e-scooters, hyperloops and solar powered planes, these changes to mobility are being driven by massive social, economic and technological trends.

Green Tech

Green Tech combines science, engineering and innovation to provide sustainable solutions that conserve the natural environment and minimise the negative impact of human activities on the planet.

Life Sciences Oppositions

Achieving success in oppositions at the European Patent Office is critical for any innovation-oriented business seeking commercial advantage and growth. Our Special Report into Opposition trends in the Life Sciences Sector will provide key insight into this exciting space.

Marine & Ocean Engineering

The marine industry is large and complex, and covers many areas from commercial shipping to leisure. This fast paced and innovative sector is increasing its focus on green technologies - combining science, engineering and innovation to provide sustainable solutions that conserve the natural environment and minimise the negative impact on our valuable and vulnerable oceans.


Innovation in Medtech continues to grow with statistics published by the European Patent Office (EPO) showing that medical technology was the leading technical field in terms of application filing volumes in recent years. Growth has accelerated considerably in the UK Medtech sector during the COVID-19 global pandemic and further acceleration in growth seems likely with the UK Government pledging millions of pounds to Medtech projects aimed at driving forward innovation.


Our body hosts trillions of microorganisms that live symbiotically on and within the human body. This ‘microbiome’ is essential to our health and microbial imbalance increases susceptibility to many diseases.

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