Ford Motor Company Limited Employee Profiles

Aaron Braich - Digital Worker Analyst Intern

"My role is to investigate and understand new programmes and IT tools to learn how they can benefit Ford."

Lidija Mirosnikova - Battery & Battery Monitoring Systems..

"I was responsible for programme sign-off, including understanding and meeting the needs of our customers across this diverse and expanding region. "

Nicole Barrett - Hardware Controls Architect

"There is plenty of on the job training with more experienced engineers who are always happy to pass on their knowledge. "

Farhan Habib - TVM NVH Engineer

"From day one at Ford, graduates are responsible and work on real projects."

Rea Manesi - IT Graduate

"My main responsibilities right now are around project management, however, I do have the chance to be involved in application development tasks."

Emer Collopy - IT Graduate

"It's hard to describe a "typical day" since every day is so different."