Ford Motor Company Limited Employee Profiles

Craig Barr - STA Programme Engineer

"Ford for me has always been a global brand and so when the opportunity came up to work for Ford I had to take it."

Vicki Noonan - OPD Powertrain Quality Engineer

"I was instantly attracted to Ford, not only because I had a passion for cars, but also because of the quality of their graduate scheme, which was accredited to the IMechE. Since joining the company, just over a decade ago, I have had many roles that I have loved. They have taught me that there are lots of departments and individuals who toget.."

Vipul Saxena - Exhaust Systems Engineer – D&R

"The Ford brand has 110 years of history behind it. That’s what appealed to me most. To work for a company that reaches out to the masses with products like the GT40, the Mustang and others… if you’ve got a passion for cars, then Ford has to be a seriously attractive proposition. I currently work in the exhaust engineering d.."

Muhammed Ali - CAE Analyst V36X

"If you’re interested in automotive or vehicles, as I was, then Ford is the place to be. The spectrum of work you can be involved in is enormous, because so much goes into creating the end product – and the best thing is you’re working on something that’s totally real. Some of my friends went off to work in numbers, bec.."

Anjana Prasad - Software Intergration

"One of the main things that attracted me to Ford Motor Company was the truly international nature of the business. Its products and its employees are spread all over the world, with lots of new cars coming out in emerging markets and big investments being made in India and China, which are places I could definitely see myself working one day. .."

Nathan Ofori - Cooling Engineer

"At Ford, I have had responsibility and influence from day one. My very first project, for example, saw me working on a warranty issue that had real implications for the cars we were building. The issue was with a heater. It led to a series of tests, and ultimately we had to make design changes to fix the problem. The fact that I have been giv.."