Ieva Bockute

Graduate Structural Engineer

"You gain enormous amount of experience in such a short time and I do believe it will help you a lot in your career."

Graduate Case Study

I graduated from University of Dundee back in 2019 with Civil Engineering bachelor’s degree. Prior to joining Kier permanently in September 2019 for the Structural Engineering Graduate position in the Salford office, I had 2 placements with the company. During my first placement, which I secured after attending Future Female Engineers networking event, I had to chance to experience what it feels like to be a design engineer in the Manchester office, where I had a chance to familiarise myself more with the Highways Standards. After this placement I went back to university to finish the last year of my degree, which was also funded by Kier.

After I finished my studies, I was eager to experience what does it feel like to be an engineer on site, therefore I joined Kier for another placement as a civil engineer, this time on site working on the M6 Junction 13-15 project. During this time I went on site daily, performing various tasks and getting hands on experience. Towards the end of my placement, I discovered an opportunity to join the structures team in Salford, so I applied. To my luck I was successful have been working with this team for more than a year now.

I mostly enjoy the variety of work I get to do. Having joined the company only a year ago I’ve already had a chance to participate in many various projects as well as to help with different tasks from designing to writing reports or preparing presentations. I also had a chance to become the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion representative for my office. This allows me to attend various meetings and workshops where we discuss issues such as how to educate and attract more females to the construction industry. I am lucky to have an amazing team and a manager, therefore I believe one of my most satisfying moments are when I can receive the feedback from them and understand what I can do to improve my skills and knowledge.

My transition from university to the Graduate Programme was very smooth and easy. Kier really listened to my wishes and gave me the experience I was asking for. They also provided me with an opportunity to join them for the permanent position straight after university. Which I believe is enormous relief for you as a final year student, when you have a lot of exams and honours project to prepare, you do not really want to add job searches on top of that.

The advice I’d give someone thinking of applying is to honestly, just go for it. You gain enormous amount of experience in such a short time and I do believe it will help you a lot in your career. Also, Kier‘s HR teams are super friendly and helpful, therefore I would recommend if you are worried about something before applying or during your application process just to contact them and they will be more than happy to help you. I noticed that a lot of people in Kier really want you to succeed and will help you to do so.