Emily Stagg

Engineer, Mechanical

During my time at Brighton University, I specialised in Aeronautical Engineering. Although  the course was aviation-based, I was engaged in a variety of projects which covered all  fundamental aspects of engineering. This provided key knowledge foundations in  manufacturing processes, fluid dynamics, computer-aided design (CAD), computational  fluid dynamics (CFD), electrical design, mechanical design, product design, fundamentals  of coding and even some fun with robotics! Now, whilst working at RED, I am able to put  these core skills into practice.

I graduated from University with a First Class Honours degree and took the opportunity to  travel before settling into a career. Upon my return, I applied for a job at RED following a  recommendation. Despite my degree differing from Building Services, RED recognised and  trusted my potential and offered me my first job as a Graduate Engineer.

During my first year at RED, I spent a few months working with each team (technology,  commercial, sustainability, building physics and research and development) to maximise  opportunities to further my knowledge and introduce me fully to the Building Services  industry. This time provided me with an understanding of the responsibilities of each sector and also how each discipline interacts and supports one another during a live  project.

Now, as a more established engineer, I form part of the technology team and  specialise in Mechanical Design. I am currently working on a Data Centre project in which I have seen progress from its initial concept stages and am now preparing for construction. Whilst working on this project, I have had the opportunity to collaborate across a variety  of platforms - including (but not limited to) Sustainability, Building Physics, BIM, IT, Fire  Safety, Safety in Design, Mechanical Design, Electrical Design, Public Health and also work  alongside third parties such as Architects, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, etc.

I continue to learn and gain experience every day – there is always someone at hand to ask questions, new software to learn, an essential guide to read up on, an industry standard to  refer to, and a workshop to attend. Recognising my position as a young engineer, RED  continues to offer opportunities to spend time across different departments, learn the  software and view the design process from different perspectives. This has created an  environment of growth and development and, as a result, it is helping me become the well-rounded engineer that I am striving to be.

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