Watch Again – Gradcracker/Cummins Webinar

Power your potential with Cummins

Another huge attendance – hundreds of you tuned in to watch! We hear how Cummins' graduates can shape their own careers and discover the wide variety of career paths a global organisation like Cummins can provide.

Our next webinar with Cummins will be held on 2nd September 2021. To attend, register your interest here.

Hosted by

Carla Power
Sophie Hare-Scott

Guest speakers

Harry Plimmer
Manufacturing Engineering Technician
Tom Harris
Service Engineer
Bharathy Theivendrampillai
Lab Operations Engineer
Tom Powell
Sub-System Team Lead
Emma Civil
Product Engineering Placement Student
Grace Gill
Talent Acquisition Coordinator
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This webinar was originally broadcast on
Thursday, 10th September 2020

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How can I prepare to apply for Cummins?

Cummins' Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Grace Gill, outlines the application process and suggests ways that you can prepare.

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Show us how your skills are applicable

Cummins recruit students and graduates from all STEM disciplines. Find out how to approach an interview at Cummins from Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Grace Gill.

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“Tell us about all the additional things you have to offer”

Grace Gill, Talent Acquisition Coordinator at Cummins, talks about what you should include in your CV, and what you can do to stand out.

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How will doing a placement assist me during my final year at university?

"It really gave me the opportunity to see the principles and concepts that I learnt at university applied in the real world." Emma, Product Engineering Placement Student at Cummins.

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“Your work will mean something from day 1”

Tom Powell, Sub-System Team Lead, describes a typical ‘first month’ at Cummins. Find out about the company’s global onboarding and other fantastic opportunities.

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Completing a master’s degree on the side

Emma, Placement Student at Cummins, tells us about how the company supports its graduates to complete a master's degree part-time alongside their day job.

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Take control of your own training

Bharathy, Lab Operations Engineer, tells us all about the different training opportunities she’s had at Cummins.

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You can download the presentation slides from the Cummins webinar here.