Solutions Analyst

"I’ve gained so much experience already - this really is a great place to start your career."

University of Durham - BSc Physics

I loved the creative aspect of the programming I’d done as part of my Physics degree, and the IT sector seemed like a really good place to work, so when I graduated I started researching programming careers.

Finals fresh in my mind, I had no desire to embark on further study at university so when I saw Dorset Software advertising its training academy I applied at once. As well as the training provided, I was also attracted to the variety of the role; working for a consultancy company means deployment on all sorts of projects for many different businesses.

After my initial interview I was called back for a second time and, after some lengthy discussion, offered a job in the Pre-sales department as a business analyst; a role that allows me to exercise more of the creativity that attracted me to programming in the first place and involves working on a variety of projects at once.

The training has been intensive; from the start I have worked on real projects, progressing from shadowing and assisting other members of the team to writing entire proposals at an alarming pace! I’ve gained so much experience already - this really is a great place to start your career.

In your first job there’s always the worry you’ll be the youngest person in the office, but with new graduates starting here all the time there’s a great social scene.

Ranging from company-organised beach parties, water sports and dinner dances to informal weekly pub gatherings, cinema trips and birthday nights out, there’s a friendly atmosphere that means everyone gets to know each other and you won’t be bored even if you’re new to the area!

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