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  • Tweak your CV to fit the job that you’re applying for - Reflect on the times when you’ve demonstrated the key behaviours, mindsets and skills listed in the job advert!
  • Have clear examples that support your statements - You don’t want to state that you have certain skills without offering a clear example of when this was demonstrated.
  • Make your CV concise - one to two pages maximum! We challenge you to do this on ONE page. Use CV to cover key experiences, you can broaden these in context on your cover letter.
  • Rely on the STAR method to structure your experiences - This way you can cover the key information that we need to know.
  • Be honest - It’s fine if you don’t have a lot of experience. Focus on what you have and how it relates to the role.
  • Use your cover letter to bring context to your skills and experience and explain your motivation for the role - Do your research on what the role is like, what the company is like and then reflect on what excites you the most. Answer the questions that we request in the advert.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.


  • Make your CV too long & wordy. You want the person who reads it to be able to scan the key information quickly
  • Use excessive and fancy formatting! Try to keep it neat and clean- this uploads better to the online systems and is more pleasant on the eyes!
  • Don’t use too small a font size.
  • Don't provide personal information that is not relevant to the application - We are only looking for people with the right behaviours mindsets, experience and passion, information that can be classed as discriminatory information, such as religion, gender, age, a profile picture etc. is not necessary. It will save you more space to provide us with useful information about why you would be good for the role.
Video interviews


  • What is it you are passionate about - Reflect on where your passion lies and how this relates to the role.
  • Why Roche - Consider what it is about working for Roche that excites you.
  • What will you bring and what do you want out of the opportunity - Think about why have you applied for this role over any other role out there? What excites you about the role, what you hope to get out of it?
  • How do you see this opportunity developing you - Consider the ways in which you’d want to develop within the role.
  • Just be yourself - We only want to know more about you don't overthink it, and be concise.


  • You don't need to use all the time given - we will give you the maximum time to answer the question, don't feel like you have to ramble on for 3 mins. Take your time
  • Don't rush answering the question - You have been given the opportunity to express yourself take your time to think about the question and answer with as much relevant detail as possible.
  • Don't ask us to call you to find out more - The questions we ask won't be difficult and are about you. Prepare with self reflection on you and why you want the role, that is all we want to know at this stage.
Assessment Center


  • Prepare - Reflect on the skills, behaviours and mindsets that you bring to the table. Go through the job advert again and think how they tie in with the role. Think of the potential questions you might get asked and decide on the appropriate examples.
  • Do your research on the company & role - This will help you to learn more about the role and company, whilst helping you understand why Roche is the right place for you.
  • Actively Listen - Engage with conversations and information given throughout the day, this will lead to meaning conversations between other candidates and Roche employees
  • Ask questions - If you feel you need further guidance or would like to have additional information say it!
  • Relax - You’ve come this far because we think you’re great! No need to stress! Focus on what you bring to the table and be your wonderful self.
  • Be yourself - We just want to know more about you so be you! …. However it goes without saying, be professional!
  • Consider the opportunity as a learning experience - this may be you first assessment centre or one of many if you focus on how you can grow and develop from the experience it will help you in the future!


  • Don’t be afraid to talk about failures - At Roche we see failures as opportunities to learn! As long as you’re able to reflect on what you would’ve learned and what you would do differently given your learning- embrace your failures and discuss them with pride!
  • Focus on what and when we are assessing - If you are worrying and wondering what we are doing how we are assessing then you aren't focusing on you and at the task at hand, we will guide you as much as possible to ensure you are comfortable and are in a position to bring your whole self on the day. Focus on being you and enjoying the process.

Us the STAR method of answering questions, this wil help you formulate you answers and will help us identify your strengths and development areas. When deciding what examples to bring up, focus on what you specifically have done, rather than reflecting on what the group that you were a part of has done! It’s fine to give credit to the group, but ultimately we’re interested in you.

Group Activities

  • Focus on completing the task at hand, use your strengths to do this with your team.
  • After the assessment center take some time to reflect on how it went. Think about what you could’ve done differently. This way, when your we call you back to provide feedback, you’ll be ready to ask questions and engage in a meaningful conversation. This way, the feedback session can be used productively and can help you to be successful in your future roles.
  • Enjoy the process. 
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