Innovation in Science

Scientific breakthroughs happen when scientists are free to tackle problems from different angles and in different ways. Our scientists have this freedom.

At Roche, we embrace the best technology and partnerships that work together to innovate to advance science and develop new medicines and diagnostics.

Our approach can be summed up in three words: diagnosis, development, delivery.

Blazing new trails in the medical science means pushing the boundaries of our knowledge and navigating unfamiliar terrain where no standard textbooks exist to provide guidance. Translating a molecule into a medicine that really matters for patients, calls for the combined creativity and unrelenting perseverance of thousands of people with specialised knowledge in a broad range of areas. It is estimated that it takes 12 years, more than 7 million hours of work, over 6,000 experiments and around 400 researchers to journey from molecule to medicine.

We invested 388m pounds in UK R&D in 2017 and registered 33 new clinical trials here.

This passion for science means that every year over 500m* diagnostic tests are performed and 700,000 UK patients benefit from our treatments.

And all of this stems from our innovation in science.

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