Recruitment process

With our innovative application process you won’t need to send us a CV and covering letter. Instead, we’ll assess your skills and potential through a series of assessments and face-to-to-face interviews. We think it’s the best way to see an applicants full potential and also increase diversity. It’s also the most immersive way to show candidates what we do - which means realistic expectations for you.

At Barclays, we approach challenges in different ways. But these are the things we have in common.

What’s different?

We’ve tailored our application specifically so that getting started doesn’t mean an unreasonable time commitment for you. Tasks will take slightly longer as you get closer to final assessment, so that we can get to know you better, but we won’t ask you to complete hours of applications for no reward.

In fact, from your first application to the moment you find out if you’ve got the job, your assessments will take a total of four to seven hours, plus preparation time, depending on the speed you like to work at.

What’s more, we’ll give you constructive feedback, making our process educational for everyone.

We’ve also made sure that each stage of the journey is a real chance to get to know our business and what you’ll do. We won’t demand a lot from you whilst telling you little about ourselves. This process is all about respect, and that goes both ways.

What are we looking for?

Throughout the assessment process, we’ll be looking out for particular strengths and cognitive abilities – character traits and skills you’ll find in Barclays colleagues all over the business. We come from diverse backgrounds and we approach challenges in different ways, but these are the things we have in common. They’re qualities that you might find in people from any background, and if you’ve got the skills, we’ll help you build on them.

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