Land & Naval Defence Electronics

Leonardo Land & Naval Defence Electronics provides robust and combat-proven solutions that deliver critical real-time mission data and information to land, naval and maritime forces operating in today’s complex asymmetrical environments.

Building on our strong defence electronics heritage, dating back more than a century, we leverage our strengths in core technologies such as radar systems, radio communications, electronic warfare, infrared detection, signal processing, network systems and systems engineering.

This enables us to offer scalable capability to our customers that protects their platforms and personnel, provides shared battlespace situational awareness and allows identification and precision targeting of hostile threats.

In the UK we are proud to be the provider of many critical systems used by the soldiers of the British Army including the BOWMAN Personal Role Radio (PRR), Guardian C-IED system and HALO acoustic weapon location system. Across the UK’s vehicle fleets we protect the crews and platforms with our Enforcer remote weapon station and Guardian systems, deliver local situational awareness through our drivers and commander’s night vision systems (DNVS, Nerio-LR and STAWS) and are now the leader in design and implementation of open architecture vehicle mission systems compliant to the UK MoD Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) standard. Our in-service Sentinel network system delivers rapidly deployable networking capability to UK land forces.

In the Royal Navy, our electro-optical systems provide gun fire control for frigates and targeting for the Sea Wolf missile. With our strong pedigree in naval communications we are on board both submarines and warships, including the integrated communications system on the Type 45 destroyer and Tide Class MARS Tanker. In the air domain we provide our Titan multi-sensor turret for the UK’s Chinook fleet and the precision IR guidance seeker for the Anglo-French Storm Shadow cruise missile.