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Having originally created Atmos Pipe for use at Shell, we have always understood the challenges of the oil industry.

High demand, optimum running standards and continually being in the public eye add pressures meaning that operating companies need to invest in the best technologies to ensure the safe and efficient running of their pipelines. Adding to this, regional legal requirements call for oil companies to install at least one leak detection system. While countries are susceptible to oil pipeline thefts.

Atmos systems meet the definition of Best Available Technology (BAT) related to oil spill response.

Leak detection

Our products provide valuable information about leak size, location and amount of oil lost when a leak occurs. We use a variety of field-tested methods including flow balance, negative pressure wave (NPW), model-based methods and pressure step to provide effective leak detection and location.

Theft detection

Many countries are susceptible to oil pipeline thefts and increasing pressure to minimise the thefts that happen. When the illegal tapping points occur it’s not only the financial impacts of the loss of products that’s a concern but the potential explosions that lead to loss of lives and homes. Reliable and sensitive theft detection is becoming ever more important in order to minimise product loss and limit the potential damages.


Atmos Simulation Suite provides valuable information for oil pipeline operators. Real-time batch and PIG tracking as well as detailed hydrocarbon tracking for NGL's or blended product pipelines. Additionally Atmos SIM provides Real Time Transient Model (RTTM) based leak detection and location using the same algorithms as Atmos' flagship leak detection system, Atmos Pipe.

Operations management

Increased public pressure and regulation means that oil pipeline operators are looking to the latest technology to ensure their pipelines are always operating at maximum efficiency. Our Operations Management tools provide operators with a full view of clear information helping them plan better.


We understand that not all pipelines are the same and once a project is complete, changes can occur in the pipeline. Our team of skilled engineers are experienced in supporting with leak and theft monitoring, troubleshooting, tuning, software upgrades and ‘health checks' of field instruments, SCADA systems and telecommunication systems.

Is your pipeline multi-phase?

Due to the combined mixtures, multi-phase pipelines are more likely to have a reaction and cause corrosion which can lead to pipeline ruptures and leaks. Detecting these leaks quickly and locating them accurately is essential to protect the environment and minimise product losses.

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