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As a pipeline operator you need the information to be able to quickly respond to ongoing changes in supply and demand. As well as monitoring these behaviours, there’s also a need to bring cost efficiencies and ensure that all pipelines are running safely.

Atmos Simulation Suite has a range of powerful and user-friendly tools to assist operators in monitoring their pipelines. We use a unique state estimator to provide robust, reliable and accurate on-line simulation results. It minimises the effect of measurement errors by using confidence levels in individual meters. This is especially useful for large pipeline networks.

Many customers across the oil, gas, chemical and water industries have benefited from the Atmos Simulation suite of services.

Atmos SIM Lookahead modelling

It is safer and faster to test future scenarios using a simulation than it is to try it on the pipeline itself. Lookahead models provide an early warning of any undesired conditions that may occur on the pipeline so preventive actions can be taken.

The Atmos SIM Lookahead module allows the user to define an unlimited number of cases including supply interruption survival time, compressor failure, unexpected demand and nominations validation.

For oil pipelines

Atmos Simulation Suite provides valuable information for oil pipeline operators. Real-time batch and PIG tracking as well as detailed hydrocarbon tracking for NGL's or blended product pipelines. Additionally Atmos SIM provides Real Time Transient Model (RTTM) based leak detection and location using the same algorithms as Atmos' flagship leak detection system, Atmos Pipe.


For gas pipelines

Many gas pipelines and networks have unmetered areas making it difficult to accurately track the pipeline's behaviour. Atmos Simulation Suite provides access to unmetered areas helping many gas pipeline operators save money and make better decisions.


For chemical pipelines

Atmos Simulation Suite of services can be used effectively on chemical pipelines. Given the hazardous nature of the pipelines our services include operational scenario analysis planning, emergency or upset analysis to help prepare for an emergency situation where actions are critical for safety.


For water pipelines

Loss of access to water can have the biggest personal impact to end consumers. Our simulation services can help water companies to better plan using look-ahead modelling. Our suite of services can additionally help reduce operating costs.

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