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Because water is seen as less hazardous than oil or chemicals it is often overlooked when it comes to leak detection. However, as water becomes more costly and precious in certain areas of the world, more and more water companies are investing in water pipeline leak detection technology.

Recent years have shown instances of water pipeline bursting due to high pressure and corrosion leading to flooding of people’s homes and buildings and causing disruption to roads and cars.

Although leaks and spills may not be as high profile as those of other pipelines, there’s still a cost to pay for water ‘lost’ before it reaches consumers. These losses can occur at connection points, overflow storage tanks or simply inaccurate metering and calculation mistakes. 

These losses are often not very easy to find, therefor accurate and reliable leak detection systems are hugely beneficial to reduce water loss.

Leak detection

A leak in a water pipeline can be costly, especially with the cost of having to pay for ’lost’ water’ before it reaches consumers. However, these losses are often difficult to find, therefor accurate and reliable leak detection systems are hugely beneficial to reduce water loss.

Theft detection

In countries where water is costly and precious, thefts from water pipelines are more likely to occur. To protect this premium commodity accurate and reliable leak detection systems are hugely beneficial to reduce water loss.


Loss of access to water can have the biggest personal impact to end consumers. Our simulation services can help water companies to better plan using look-ahead modelling. Our suite of services can additionally help reduce operating costs

Operation management

Tools such as Atmos Hydraulic Profiler are hugely beneficial to liquid pipelines such as water. Combined the tools help water pipeline operators to determine optimum settings to minimise costs and meet supply and demand schedules.


We understand that not all pipelines are the same and once a project is complete, changes can occur in the pipeline. Our team of skilled engineers are experienced in supporting with leak and theft monitoring, troubleshooting, tuning, software upgrades and ‘health checks' of field instruments, SCADA systems and telecommunication systems.

Is your pipeline multi-phase?

Due to the combined mixtures, multi-phase pipelines are more likely to have a reaction and cause corrosion which can lead to pipeline ruptures and leaks. Detecting these leaks quickly and locating them accurately is essential to protect the environment and minimise product losses.

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