Paul Mills

Civil Engineer

"I even got to go out to Panama for two weeks with a team from Arup to help with the construction of the suspension bridge."

In October of my final year of University I applied to Arup and a number of other engineering consultancy companies. I found the Arup application to be stretching and I spent a few evenings perfecting my application question answers. I found the questions challenging but in many ways it was easy to answer as I was so sure I wanted to work for Arup and so I had lots to write. The application is a big part so it is worth spending some time on this as the next stage of the application process is the interview. My interview was two hours long and turned out to be an enjoyable discussion. The first half hour consisted of a bridge design exercise. I had time alone to develop concept sketches, think of suitable materials etc. and get some ideas onto paper. This then formed a part of the discussion in my interview along with questions about my application and what I could bring to the team. I was fortunate to secure a graduate role in the Solihull Bridge and Civil Structures group.

When I Began...

My Arup career began at the Graduate Induction Week where all of the graduates from the UK, Middle East and Africa met together for a fun and informative weekend. This consisted of lots of team activities, receiving talks from colleagues across Arup. We got to meet lots of senior members of staff and it was a great way of networking within the company. I still keep in touch with quite a few of the people I met in that week.

In my first year at Arup I have worked on the Midland Mainline Bridge structural clearance scheme design, an Underground station concept to preliminary design in Saudi Arabia, a tunnel structure in Hong Kong and had the privilege to work on the design and build of a suspension bridge in rural Panama with the NGO Bridges to Prosperity. These have all provided me with lots of design experience from concept right through to detailed design and I even got to go out to Panama for two weeks with a team from Arup to help with the construction of the suspension bridge.

I am currently on a 12 month secondment to Transport Scotland working as part of the Jacobs Arup Employers Delivery Team on the Forth Replacement Crossing Cable Stay Bridge, which is the largest infrastructure project in Scotland for a generation. This project is providing me with a wealth of knowledge on bridge construction and the site experience required for my training towards Chartership.

My first 14 months at Arup have been exciting and challenging having been involved in the amazing projects mentioned but also due to a great group of graduates at the Solihull office with regular socials taking place from cinema trips, meals out, sports and social committee, charity events, Arup graduate ski trip (over 100 grads went), kayaking, mountain biking trip to name a few. I’m looking forward to where my career at Arup will take me. 

University: Warwick

Degree: Masters in Civil Engineering

Graduated: 2013